Architectural Photography

One of the largest emotional draws to photography without people as a subject in general is the ability to demonstrate emotion and personality from inanimate objects. This is especially true in architectural photography. It is almost the opposite of landscape photography only in that the subjects are man-made in architectural photography. Additionally, the architects design the buildings to photograph well and to obviously be appealing to the eye. However, the essence of their internal spirit is visible in the manner in which the architects manipulated their media.


Great architectural photography captures this essence and presents it in the best form. This is true even when the architecture is dilapidated and decaying. Additionally, the availability of subject matter is vast. This presents a great opportunity to apply practically every technique involved in photography and art. Architectural portraiture is interesting in color and black and white, it also presents an opportunity to film in the varying degrees of morning and evening light.


Additionally, because the conditions vary and because black and white photography may be a preference, architectural photography can be approached during day light hours also. There are some other considerations also. People should research the time that certain structures are open for viewing and if photographing is allowed. Visit the structure in the varying degrees of light also. This will optimize the chances of knowing the best times to photograph. It is also advised to take many pictures. This will highlight the changing conditions, and provide many different shots in order to increase the likelihood of getting that great picture.