Black and White

Photographers that shoot in black and white are very reluctant to use any type of technology to produce black and white photographs from any digital sources. However, there is photo editing software that is dedicated to transforming color formats to black and white. Still, there is even a debate about how much editing delegitimizes the entire digital format, but in particular black and white photography. This debate is further exacerbated because often turning photos into black and white is a method by which some photographers rescue unsuccessful color photographs. It is the reason that this is possible that is at the crux of taking spectacular black and white photos.

Black and White or Bad Color?

The reason that many bad color photos make excellent black and white photos concerns natural lighting. Black and white photography is often better in bright, natural light. This light is often found in times that are not conducive to color photography. Furthermore, the thing that may have attracted these color photographers out in the in correct light is dramatic cloudy and overcast days. These times are the most prime times for producing excellent black and white portraiture, but great color photographs at these times is rare.

The Appeal

However, the appeal to viewers is not based on the simple elements of a beautiful photographs. Black and white photography has the ability to reflect time. This ability is one of the prominent features in many photographs, but it is especially reticent in black and white photography. Black and white photography remains timeless because of this and produces ardent fans.