Photographical Motive

Because someone enjoys great photography does not mean that they can simply buy a camera and begin to produce great work. Photography is not only a talent, but it is also a skill. This means that even people that have talent will also have to work very hard to become good at the profession. Photography is like any other art, and very few people are artist. Still fewer people are able to make a living at photography even in a technical aspect. Famous photographers are few and far between. Because of these poor statistics, it is important that people pursue photography because they enjoy the art and the process. The digital format has made the profession more accessible than ever.

Come Aboard

Even cell phones are now equipped with very capable cameras. People with an interest should engage others with the same interests. Classes are prevalent, and there are many groups that interested people can join in whatever category of photography that interests them. So much of photography both in producing work and enjoying it is documenting emotion. Because the profession is more accessible through a digital format, enthusiasts can simply focus more on producing good work. In doing this, photographers will continue to become more proficient at the craft.


Composition is the reigning artistic element in photography. In a basic sense, it is simply lining up a picture correctly. However, correct composition has been debated throughout the history of art. In artistic composition there is a theory that asserts a perfect composition, and it reigns true in most cases. In its simplest form, it simply states that the focal point of works of art should not be located directly in the center of the composition. This is not pleasing aesthetically, but minutely off center to either side makes for more of a pleasing balanced composition.

Artistic Law

This is true for every form of composition including landscaping and portraiture. Many advanced photographers may stray from this rule, but it will take amateur photographers a long way towards becoming very skilled. This is not a rule as much as it is an observation that has been made over centuries of art and art viewing. It works well when viewing a potential photograph through a view finder. Some artists have an innate ability to compose pictures well, but remembering to keep focal points somewhat off center when lining up shots will suffice in the beginning. Eventually, the photographer will simply know a good shot when it presents itself.

What’s Possible?

However, there is a divide in the natural view that a person visualizes with their eyes and replicating that scene in a photograph even with digital technology. Practicing proper composition will make it more possible. A simple technique for practicing good composition is to take all the successful photographs of a photographer and point out the features that make them visually pleasing. Beyond lighting and other artistic elements, they will all have great composition in common.

Digital Editing

Almost every digital camera that is available on the market today has the capacity to edit digital images directly within the camera. However, this is a platform that is best suited for laptop and desktop computer software. Images can be altered in almost endless methods, but there are certain tasks that this software is very necessary for in photography. This software allows for retouching, cropping, image overlaying and many more effects that photographers need daily. Photographers can take a very wonderful, career altering photo with a single small problem. Retouching or removing these problems very easily with the appropriate software saves the photograph. This is important because photography captures small sections of time that cannot be repeated.

Paid Software

There are two versions of this software. There are software programs that can be purchased and there is free internet software that must be downloaded. The easiest programs to understand and operate with the greatest depth are paid versions of photo editing software. The free internet software is remarkably good for a free photo editing platform, but they are notoriously difficult to utilize. If a photographer is tech savvy, a free platform may be accessible and very handy. However, people that will have issues with teaching themselves to use these platforms should purchase a version. These will be supported by the brand’s office staff.

Free Software

Free versions require learning from internet sources. These sources are often young kids detailing how they personally have utilized free software, and the information is notoriously untrustworthy. The key to doing realistic touch ups is in the detail. Some famous retouched photos have really peculiar anomalies that signify that the photos have been retouched. This occurs along with substantial media scrutiny.